HHRD Team Resources

Important information and resources for Heartland Hellcats skaters, coaches, referees and other team members.


It's crucial that everyone participates, to the best of their ability, in all of our suggested training activities.

weekly Practice

All practice plans for the current month are available by clicking here. Skaters are required to attend a minimum of five out of eight practices a month. Practices are planned by our Training Committee and Coordinator. 

Hellcats Homework

In order to succeed in roller derby, you must increase your knowledge of the sport — inside and outside of practice. We will be posting a weekly "homework" blog that we ask you to read regularly. Click to view the blog.

Minimum Skills

Are you a newer skater who is training for your first bout, or a more veteran skater who needs to review the minimum skills before we test out? The list of WFTDA Minimum Skills is available by clicking here.



If you want to play roller derby, you need to learn the rules. Further information will be posted on the Homework Blog.

Current WFTDA Ruleset

These are the current rules for the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, the system under which we play. The rulebook is long and somewhat complex, but reviewing the rules regularly is crucial to your understanding of how to play roller derby. Find the rulebook by clicking here.



Our practices should not be your only source of exercise. Some resources for derby-specific crosstraining are below.

Crosstraining Basics

Workout types that are good for derby athletes include:

  • Cardio & Endurance (running, cycling, HIIT)
  • Flexibility, Balance & Core Strength (yoga, Pilates)
  • Strength Training (weight lifting, resistance training, pylometrics, Crossfit, etc.)
  • "Prehab" (injury avoidance exercises)


Why it's important

Regularly watching roller derby footage is the single best way to improve your understanding of derby gameplay, strategy, tactics and skills. Derby is a developing sport, and there is no manual for learning how to play the game. If we want to know what we should be practicing and what to expect from our opponents, we must watch what the best players in the game are doing. Read more in the "Watching Derby Footage" blog post (click).

WHERE to watch derby

First, a word of advice — when seeking out roller derby footage to watch, look for bouts that were played within the last two seasons. Roller derby is a fast-changing sport; the strategies that teams used three years ago may not work for derby players today.