Understanding Multi-Player Blocks

Hey everyone! This is a short one, to help you understand multi-player blocks. First, the rule:


"Skaters often work together to execute more effective blocks on opponents. In some cases, however, teammates working together can create an unfair advantage for themselves, relative to an opponent who is trying to pass them, or an unsafe environment. As such, it is illegal for teammates to prevent an opponent from passing them via grasping, linking, or forming an impenetrable wall (See Section 10 - Glossary for Grasping, Linking, Impenetrable).

Here's a quick explanation of how WFTDA defines "Impenetrable Wall," since this can be a point of confusion:

A skater or set of teammates is considered impenetrable from a certain direction when, to achieve a pass on one or more of the skaters, an opponent would need to physically break said teammates’ bones or joints. The parts that would need to be physically broken in order to pass are considered the “impenetrable” parts. For example, if two teammates are skating forwards with their arms around each others’ backs, the arms constitute an impenetrable wall, so that an opponent could not pass between the pair without breaking said arms.

Click through to the link above for a full explanation of the rules.

Here are two videos that break down what these rules mean.

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